Serco employ more than 30,000 people across a range of public services sectors, such as Justice, Immigration, Healthcare, Defence, Transport, Citizen Services and Space. Their customers include NHS Trusts and local authorities, government departments and agencies, just to name a few.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Serco took over 70 Mobile Testing Units which had previously been serviced by the army. Instilling confidence in the public that they were in safe and capable hands with Serco was of the utmost importance - driven by Serco’s core values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride.

Here’s how we helped ensure the public felt this sense of trust through the efficient rollout of workwear across the country, branded with the instantly recognisable NHS Test and Trace logo.


• Graphic Design - Logo/Branding Visual Mockups
• In-house Branding - Logo Embroidery/Heat Sealing
• Source and Supply – High-Quality Workwear and High Visibility Clothing
• Delivery – On Time, In Full, Across the UK
• Customer Service Excellence – Keeping Up Communication


Serco needed to kit out thousands of staff across 70 Mobile Testing Units, which would travel across the UK to provide vital testing services in key areas. Additionally, uniforms were needed for the COVID-19 Testing Sites which were part of the Test and Trace programme.

Workwear items such as fleeces, trousers and polo shirts were needed, along with high visibility clothing to keep staff visible and safe when working around vehicles. Garments would also need the NHS Test and Trace logo applied.

Not only this, but the turnaround to deliver these items was incredibly tight; any delays would prevent Serco from mobilising on time. Serco looked at various suppliers throughout the UK  to see who was best placed to deliver this project on time and in full. As the current supplier for various Serco divisions (such as Defence and Waste Management), Swift360 was high on the list.

After weighing up their options, Serco chose Swift360 as their supplier of choice for the mobile testing units, due to our stock availability, speed and adaptability.

"The rollout had to be delivered in time for us taking over the mobile testing units. Swift360 was the only supplier who could commit to these tight timescales".

Serena Rossiney
COVID-19 Response - Programme Manager, Serco


Serco provided us with a brief of what was needed, including the specific colours and styles that the workwear and hi-vis would need to conform to.

We made this process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible, ensuring proposed logo placements were correct and inverting logo colours as needed, depending on the fabric and colour of the garments. Our in-house graphic design capabilities also meant we could provide Serco with visuals mockups of how the logos would look on the workwear within one hour of receiving the request.

"The quick turnaround of the logo visual mockups meant we could get the internal approval we needed much faster, which was really helpful".

Serena Rossiney
COVID-19 Response - Programme Manager, Serco

Once the workwear styles and logo placements were given the green light by Serco, we began production immediately. Benefiting from the use of our in-house branding facilities, we were able to continue production during weekends and quickly turnaround goods, ensuring all mobile testing units were kitted out and ready to roll on time.

Due to our successful delivery of the mobile testing unit workwear, Serco subsequently worked with us to roll out the rest of the uniforms to the regional NHS Test and Trace sites across the UK.
Since our partnership with Serco on this project began in March 2020, we’ve been able to produce and deliver:

  • 7100 embroidered polo shirts
  • 3600 high visibility jackets and vests, all with three logo transfers

"Our Swift360 Key Account Manager, Andy, was brilliant. He was always available when I needed to speak to him, gave us regular updates and even personally drove some of the uniforms to sites. I felt like he knew the importance of getting the uniforms there on time and did everything he could to make that happen".

Serena Rossiney
COVID-19 Response - Programme Manager, Serco


A further 30 Test and Trace sites will be opening in October and November 2020, and we’re working closely with Serco to ensure they have everything they need for a smooth rollout. Additionally, we’re looking to supply seasonal items in time for Winter, such as umbrellas, to keep Serco’s people safe and comfortable as they carry out vital work.

"The communication levels from Swift360 throughout the rollout were good. If someone was away, they would let me know who I could contact in their absence – things like that. I would absolutely be more than happy to work with Swift360 again and would pass the suggestion to any Procurement team to do so!".

Serena Rossiney
COVID-19 Response - Programme Manager, Serco