How Our Approach To Supply Chain Benefits HSS Hire

The Company

HSS Hire Group is a leading provider of tools, equipment, and related services in the UK and Ireland. Focused on delivering Safety, Value, Availability and Support, HSS Hire work with B2B customers to provide a hire experience that’s the best in the industry.

With over 250 trading locations, 2,900 staff, 23 product categories and 37,000 live customer accounts, the HSS network stretches the length and breadth of the UK and includes large distribution centres and local branches, as well as dedicated training facilities and specialist depots.

HSS Hire is driven by its five strategic enablers; one of which is the assurance of safe, sustainable working environments for colleagues and customers.

Here’s how we’re working with HSS to help deliver this philosophy as their PPE, Workwear and Workplace Safety supplier.

The Challenge

With Brexit looming and uncertain times ahead, HSS Hire wanted to ensure their supply chain was ready for anything while maintaining or improving sustainability practices. This is a powerful example of the progressive attitude HSS Hire has towards sustainability, and Swift360 was only too happy to help.

The Solution

So how do you prepare for the unexpected?

Working closely with HSS Hire, we’ve carried out in-depth research and audits into our own supply chain and adopted a multi-pronged approach to ‘protect’ the products we offer.


We’re managing our stock portfolio according to seasons, country of origin and historical usage. For example, China celebrates Chinese New Year towards the end of January, which meant it was imperative we finalised all PO’s within the month of October 2018, which will see us through to March/April 2019.

Additionally, seasons can have an impact on stock yields. India and Pakistan, for example, export a great deal of cotton and leather. However, monsoon season can be bad for leather storage and/or wipe out entire cotton crops which cause global shortages. Swift360 has researched thoroughly into these trends and we’re working hard to navigate optimal times to order and reserve sufficient quantities of stock.

Through our insight, effort, and historical sales performance, we’ve worked to optimise the view of our stock and ultimately carry healthy ‘buffers’. This will ensure HSS Hire can rest easy in the knowledge that when they order PPE, Workwear or Workplace Safety supplies from Swift360 – it’ll be delivered on time, all the time, no matter the seasons or cultural celebrations!


Another way in which we’ve ensured a smooth supply to HSS Hire is through our approach to factories. We only work with reliable, ethically audited manufacturing plants and purchasing agents across the UK, Europe, and Asia.

To ensure this is the case, we use PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) to find the most viable and stable sources that meet our strict criteria around competitive pricing, CSR, order fulfillment, and innovation. All members of our supply chain must also adhere to our Essential Purchasing Terms and Conditions and our Way of Life: CSR Deployment Guidebook. Not only this but, in several cases, our partners have been independently audited from outside specialist auditing firms.

Swift360 also has a preference to partner with those who have a particular ‘core competence’. This allows us to derive the best value mutually for one another, which solidifies our relationship and means we never need to chop and change our supply base.

All of this has been of great benefit to HSS Hire, who know their PPE, Workwear and Workplace Safety supplier only sources goods from sustainable, ethical factories who we’ve built positive, long-lasting relationships with. This, in turn, has supported us in our efforts to ‘protect’ our products so we can continue to supply HSS uninterrupted in the face of Brexit.

The Future Looks Bright

Our approach to sustainability and supply chain has been a smashing success for HSS Hire. By sourcing products from viable, ethical factories and putting processes in place to ensure stock availability to HSS Hire whatever comes our way, we can take away the worry and hassle of safety and workwear procurement. Swift360 is also able to pass along any cost-savings to HSS Hire as we continue to make improvements to our supply chain.

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