New JSP EVO® VISTA™ Safety Helmet - Integrated PPE At Its Best


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compatibility and integration is the topic on everyone's lips at the moment.

It's one of the leading trends in the marketplace, with manufacturer's developing new and better ways for PPE to be worn together or even combine into one item.

JSP, the leading manufacturer for 'above the neck' PPE (Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory), has always been at the forefront of such innovation. It comes as no surprise then that JSP's new EVO® VISTA safety helmet is one of the most amazing products we've seen in the market to date - a true triumph of integrated PPE.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at what PPE compatibility is, why it's important, the difference between PPE compatibility and PPE integration, and why the EVO® VISTA™ is such an awesome product.


Simply put, PPE compatibility refers to two (or more) different PPE products that can be seamlessly worn and used together.

It's an important topic because The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations state when employees wear more than one item of PPE, the equipment should be compatible and, when used together, should adequately control the risks against which they're provided to protect against.

The benefits of PPE compatibility are:

  • Maximised protection for the user
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and guidelines
  • Improves comfort and fit of PPE - meaning less distraction and annoyance for the user
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved employee engagement

However, PPE integration goes a step further than PPE compatibility by fully incorporating different PPE items into one product.

JSP EVO Vista 2


JSP's EVO® VISTA™ is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet, with integrated eye protection built in. It has a whole bunch of awesome benefits that easily make it one of the best products on the market, so let's dive in!


  • The EVO® VISTA™ effortlessly integrates head and eye protection.
  • Both the EVO® VISTAshield™ and the EVO® VISTAlens™ eye protection are made with optical class 1 material with anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings.
  • They boast UV protection and can provide the same level of protection even at extreme temperatures. 
  • EVO® VISTAshield™ and EVO® VISTAlens™ eyewear pivots smoothly to give a wide arc that allows prescription spectacles to be worn underneath.
  • The EVO® VISTAshield™ is designed to maximise facial coverage and is compact so as not to compromise wearer movement.
  • The EVO® VISTAlens™ eyewear has a thermoplastic rubber seal to mould to the wearers face, creating a good seal for better projectile protection and increased comfort.


  • The safety cell concept prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and impacting the scalp.
  • Additionally, the eyewear can't make contact with the scalp which prevents injury should the eyewear be forced back onto the safety cell. Cool or what?!



  • The helmet is lightweight and fits securely with unique 3D height adjustment and a fully adjustable wheel ratchet.
  • A six point terylene harness and Egyptian cotton Chamlon™ sweatband offers unrivalled comfort.
  • Optional ventilation reduces helmet temperatures by an average of 2-3 degrees.


  • Both the EVO® VISTAshield™ and the EVO® VISTAlens™ allow the user to wear prescription glasses comfortably underneath the protective eyewear, reducing cost and ensuring protection and vision aren't compromised.


  • The EVO® VISTA has been designed to maximise compatibility with JSP respirators (which are also amazing, by the way) - such as the Force™8PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.


  • CR2 is a high intensity reflective material offering, on average, 60% more reflectivity than standard reflective clothing.


  • The EVO® VISTA range can be coloured to meet any corporate identity.
  • Here at Swift360, we can also print your company logo onto the helmet to improve brand recognition and discourage theft. (Just get in contact today to find out more, or call us on 01420 592540).

JSP EVO Vista 3


Phew, caught your breath? 

The EVO® VISTA has so many cool features, it can be hard to summarise them in a blog post. But we're determined you shouldn't settle for anything less - this product really has it all!

If you want to find out more, or you're ever passing by and want to pop in and get hands on with the product, just give us a call on 01420 592540 or send us an email at

We're super excited by this product and you should be too!

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