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We partner with you to understand the exact conditions your workers face on the frontline, giving you powerful insights into how to reduce injury rates and procure smarter. There’s always room to improve, and our reports and expertise show you what products are working, how well you’re engaging with your workforce and how much money you can save. We obsessively seek out innovations and cost-efficiencies that create safer, more simplified product ranges. Hundreds of companies are benefiting from smart consolidation and reduced accidents by working with us.

Safety is better when you partner with Swift360.

Case Study

How Swift360 Provide Significant Savings & Improve Safety for Biffa.

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Swift360’s customer service, NPD pipeline and technical support teams are second to none. They consistently deliver (if not over deliver), against Biffa’s business requirements across 200+ sites throughout the UK. It is not often I can say that, after 23 years as a procurement professional, Swift360 are one of the best performing suppliers I have ever worked with.

James Dale, Biffa

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